Kindred Souls & Organizations

I have not thought carefully about this section, but I wanted it available so I could add stuff as I found it.

Institute of Noetic Sciences is a good group, “rather West-Coast,” that started years ago to give scientific respectability to the study of non-material aspects of reality. They’ve come a long way, and are now advocating for our sustainable role on the planet, and trying to reach young people and members of the popular culture. I like this minute-long video. You need a relatively new computer and a high-speed connection to view it.
If you don’t know about this group, I’d recommend checking out the resources on their website and maybe taking advantage of whatever interesting special offer they’ve got going. I’ve “joined” several times over the years, and dropped out when money was short. It’s not hard to stop being a member.

My mother-out-law, Rhoda Gilman, was a mystic and Green Party activist. She had long sponsored the Quaker Universalist Fellowship, which emphasizes that strain among Quakers which sees all faith traditions as inherently valuable. The QUF website has published Rhoda’s The Universality of Unknowing: Luther Askeland and the Wordless Way, about her friend, and about her understanding of the invisible, wordless, reality that underlies all human experience.

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