Guidance, Gaia-dance

This is the area of my greatest personal challenge.
I believe that just as iron filings line up along the lines of force in a magnetic field, so we are constantly getting nudges to move in directions that are consistent with a larger wholeness.
But do I trust those nudges when I get them? Am I willing to rearrange my plans and priorities because a still small voice within says “You better…”?

I am working on this. And, I am willing to value my reservations, right along with those promptings. I think this is where the stabilizing guidance of my community is crucial.

Despite my relatively poor personal track record, I boldly claim as an article of my faith that we can be guided by the unseen: we can confront a dilemma, we can open ourselves to information beyond our current knowing, and we can recieve guidance about choices that has a wholistic quality to it. That is, the choices made out of that non-rational attunement turn out to be good because, looking back, we see they took into account other factors we did not have the wit to consider at the time. Our attuned choice was made, not just by us, but by a larger wholeness working through us. Personally, I’m not into angels, but I would say, “like that.”

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