Summary of January & Early February, `07

Advice supposedly given to medieval knights in search of the Holy Grail:

“Enter the forest where it is darkest.”

I’ve always liked that, because I experienced it as a profound challenge and, likely, a useful guide.
I definitely feel that, in my conversation with you, dear friends, these last five weeks, I have plunged right into some of the topics I find most challenging.
Following my post of the December summary, I turned to a discussion of prayer as a certain type of magic. Then I plunged right into the world of “spooky action at a distance,” throwing the I Ching, and sharing my interpretation of what it said. This turns out to have been quite a project. It spurred me to a neo-medieval declaration of devotion to My Lady, and I’m not done yet. Next I have to find words to explain why I can take the I Ching seriously.

I’m loving it here in the dark of the forest!

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