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Quaker, living in the Twin Cities, Minnesota.

Seeing the Light…

For almost a year now I have been able to move into optimism as needed. Optimism similar to Joanna Macy’s Active Hope. But my stance, to this point, has been: “I’m paying attention and I’m ready. Along with all of the bad … Continue reading

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Two Old Heros and a New One

It’s been over a year… since my last post here. I’ve been busy with other things. We are even closer to financial meltdown, but that’s a given; we’ll cope as best we can, when it comes… Thanks to Ilze for … Continue reading

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Time For An Adrenaline Rush

I don’t usually “rush to print” here, but these are new times. I’ve been saying for a year now, “before Obama leaves office…” Here’s new confirmation of this timeline. Paul Gilding, whom I wrote about a year ago, is now … Continue reading

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~A New Life-Chapter~

You know how things change… sometimes it’s slow, and then you look around and IT’S DIFFERENT? What I’ve been doing on this website up to this point feels like it’s in the past. Not irrelevant. I wouldn’t think of taking … Continue reading

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Global-Reset Events

Most of my friends know how to “reset” or “restart” a computer. They know that it wipes the short-term memory clean, but leaves the underlying machinery intact, and leaves intact work they have done, that they have saved a copy … Continue reading

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So, Andrew Zolli (see previous post) author of Resilience: Why Things Bounce Back, is part of an association of change agents who have gathered together under the name “Pop Tech.” Andrew “curates” conferences which draw presenters from mostly-isolated “silos of … Continue reading

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Transition? Transformation!

Seeds of hope are falling out of the sky into my world. A mid-May interview with Andrew Zolli in the radio program “On Being” is introduced in this way: How do we support people and create systems that know how … Continue reading

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