End of March ’07 Summary

Well! A lot has happened, including things not happening, and I am feeling satisfied.
The things that have not happened are that I posted no summary at the end of February, and last Friday I posted nothing at all, despite indicating that I would do both of those things.
I have asked myself, “Richard, why aren’t your undies in a bundle at falling down on these commitments?” The answer surprises me: “I feel I have been ‘faithful.’ While I may have fallen down on the letter of my commitments, I am convinced I am fulfilling the spirit of them.”
My feeling is of having been a faithful servant.
.: Now, that’s interesting. Which of my new, non-theistic words can I use to describe this?
.: “In alignment with the field of higher potential?”
.: Kind of awkward.

I had a wonderful meeting with my elders this last Tuesday, the first since October.
Highlights from that meeting:

  • My core message has not yet been expressed. I am doing what I can to open myself to it, and this opening continues to happen.
  • Unlike Al Gore, with his fine work on climate change, I’m calling for a change of heart, indeed, for a spiritual transformation.
  • One benefit of talking about my problems with alcohol is that I am not in a “holier than thou” position.
  • It’s time to open my site to comments.
  • I will never be able to name the/my truth in words. Quakers know this about words. The most I can hope for is to try over and over to grasp it from different angles. People can observe me trying to catch it, and they can find within themselves what I seem to be reaching for.

Here’s a summary of what’s happened on this website since my last summary, February 9th:
It’s been quite a time, centered around the “Grand Opening” of this Gaia Voices website.
For months I had been writing out of the swirls of my inner life.
In preparation for sending out an announcement to many of my friends, I re-focused on the larger picture of where does this current effort fit in my life, with “My Story”.
Then, in late February, I devoted myself to preparing four invitational emails, to 1) Quakers I know, 2) Family & friends outside my Quaker context, 3) my old crowd in Movement for a New Society, and 4) My Science and Spirituality book group. These went out in early March, and were warmly received. Many emails of encouragement, some significant conversations (one of three hours) and some helpful suggestions, like “Why don’t you tell us ‘Who is this Richard,’ stated in terms someone reading the back flap of a book jacket might understand?” In addition to “My Story”, already mentioned, I answered that question with “a semi-formal bio” and an overview of my (now) three biographical statements.

Having accomplished all this, I could return to my neglected part of our Quaker Community Forest work, establishing a website for it. That’s still just a lick-and-a-promise, but it’s underway! (Thanks again, James!)

And then –oh wondrous movement of the Spirit– in mid-March I felt led to share my struggles with a core difficulty in my current personality, an aspect of myself I call “needy-greedy.” With this, I feel I am preparing –being prepared– for the hard work that is ahead. I want to speak deeply, personally, intimately, about our current situation and about the ways we are out of harmonic alignment with Gaia. To do this well, with you, dear readers, there is no flinching from a serious examination of myself.
Not that I “planned” to offer this painful aspect of myself, but there it was, work that needed to be done, and I was faithful to the task, plunging through my shame to honor the truth as I currently understand it.

Today, Ralph J. and I head to Sandhill for a weekend of Maple Syruping with Quaker Community Forest folks. I’m expecting 20 people to join us on Saturday, despite the prediction of serious rain. We’ll be ready!

In Love,

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Quaker, living in the Twin Cities, Minnesota.
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