Another Loop in the Spiral

Setting out again, on a new level.

I have agreed to be Clerk of the Twin Cities Friends Meeting (TCFM) for the next year and a half, supported by Anne Supplee as Assistant Clerk.

I agreed to do this as a way of
of better understanding,

Something happened last fall.

I am still finding my way, learning how to talk about it.
I won’t pretend I understand it. I believe it is a seductive error to claim–or even to believe–we “understand” the action of the divine within us.

However, the other side of that paradox is that we can share,
or at least indicate,
something of the reality
that moves among us,
that transcends us
that we sense is acting through us.

I have not written here
I have practiced waiting.
For a certain inner motion.

I have not wanted to say, “Wow, look what I did.”
I think it is important not to say that.

I did write a review of the book, Jesus for the Non-Religious, by John Shelby Spong.

This book was the pivot point for the “something” that happened last fall.

Over the last months I have tried to write more directly about what has happened to me, how it feels my heart is opening. The words are inadequate.

As I pondered the ineffability of my experience,
I was asked to be Clerk of TCFM.
I agreed, believing, now, that what I wish to “tell,”
What I wish to show forth
Cannot be expressed in words
Except tangentially.

I am called to “live,”
To “live into”

My intuition now
is that mychrist is social
like Love.
Not something I can do by myself.
Or even enunciate,

And this feels very much like the next phase in my life as a Gaia Troubadour. I have been crying out to my Quaker Meeting: “The Earth is as a living organism.”

As Clerk of Meeting, I am in a position to say, “look, the Meeting is a living organism! There! And over there! Don’t you see how we ‘individuals’ are connected within this body!?”

I hope to do this, in real time, during Meeting for Worship with attention to Business (MWB) itself. I also hope to present my understanding of the aliveness of our beloved community on my Clerk’s Blog, on the TCFM website.

Wish me luck!


About Richard O Fuller

Quaker, living in the Twin Cities, Minnesota.
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