Proposal for a Summer Seminar

An inspiration from this morning’s meditation. I offer it as a heads-up” especially to my elders, but also  to others who have expressed interest in Mary Conrow Coelho’s Awakening Universe Emerging Personhood: The Power of Comtemplation in an Evolving Universe

Quakers & the re-emergence of the Divine Awareness at the close of the industrial age:
A study group that looks at the central role of Inspiration in the new society that is emerging as we move away from a civilization powered by carbon fuels

I currently envision this as a workshop/seminar I will offer in July and August, second and fourth Sundays, 9:45 to 10:45, at the Twin Cities Friends Meeting.
It would be open to anyone on a drop-in basis, although presentations will be geared as much as possible to people who have come to the previous sessions.

July 11

Overview of seminar
Overview of peak-oil/climate change/Transition Town movement, and the need for spiritual underpinnings.
Intro to Mary Coelho’s Awakening Universe Emerging Personhood (AUEP)

Link to outline

July 25

The first two major sections of AUEP, through page 128.

Link to outline

August 8

Sections III & IV of AUEP

Link to outline

August 22

Section V of AUEP
Summary and Next Steps for moving into a new society, a new relationship to each other and the Earth.

Link to outline

Second, third & fourth thoughts

  • I need to remind myself these will be only one-hour sessions
  • This will be mostly presentation more than discussion, face-to-face. Hopefully discussion can happen online.
  • I believe this will alternate Sundays with hours devoted to Experiment with Light, at the Meetinghouse
  • I can’t possibly do justice to the material in this time-frame, but I need to get started with a synthesis of Transition Town and AUEP.

About Richard O Fuller

Quaker, living in the Twin Cities, Minnesota.
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