Overview of 4 Summer Sessions

Looking into the future, the outline of my summer presentations about Mary Conrow Coelho’s Awakening Universe Emerging Personhood: The Power of Comtemplation in an Evolving Universe appears with more clarity.

This develops from my post of May 27.

July 11

My July 5 post covers this, an overview of the series of four presentations.

July 25

I will touch on two approaches for understanding the world we live in, documented by Mary Coelho:

1. The Universe Story cosmology,

  • the description astronomers currently give of how things have developed since the Big Bang (The Great Flaring Forth) 13 billion years ago.
  • What evolutionary biologists believe has happened on Earth: the contributions of oxygen, sex. A tendency toward “mind,” the “triune brain,”
  • How we are bits of the universe but not pieces: holograms, the holomovement,  implicate order, consciousness,
  • The nature of time, with emphasis on Present.

2. Mystical Awareness of reality (mostly the traditions of the West)

  • Contemplation and its relation to wholeness, fullness
  • Christian mystics
  • The stages and rewards of approaching a sense of oneness
  • The Unitive Life
    • Teresa of Avila

Could these two approaches to understanding the world be connected?

August 8

Sections III & IV of AUEP

Religion & Quantum Physics

  • Sub-atomic particles are not “things;” they are waves, or clouds of possibility, until we observe them.
  • The Void/ Abyss/ Plenum/ God
    • A generative nothingness
    • Self-organizing systems
  • The Unfolding Whole
    • Our Place
  • “THAT,” out of which (self-)organizing arises.
  • The Soul
    • Jung
  • The place of “Difference” within the Fundamental Unity
  • An Incarnational World-view

The Divided Soul

  • Primordial Consciousness
    • It’s Loss & Recovery
      • Christian Thought
  • Ego & the Hero’s Journey
  • What Humans Need
    • For formation of The Self
  • Splits
  • Earth, Maternal Matrix

August 22

Section V of AUEP

  • Striving without Willfulness
  • Development of Human Consciousness over the centuries
  • Spiritual Awakening as an Expression of the Universe
  • The Journey Toward Awakening
  • The Unitive Life
  • Ecozoic Consciousness

Summary and Next Steps for moving into a new society, a new relationship to each other and the Earth.

  • From 2010 to 2020 CE: how am I led; what could WE do?

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Quaker, living in the Twin Cities, Minnesota.
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