Website’s Grand Opening! ! !

I am just now sending invitations to view this website to over 400 of my closest friends.
I write this in anticipation that, even now, some of you are showing up.
Thank you for visiting!

You are really quite a varied group, with a wide range of interests. Talking with you I find myself considering:

*Natural Beauty * Charismatic Christianity * US Foreign And Domestic Policy * Nonviolent Conflict * Housing & Homelessness * Eastern Religion & Philosophy * Quantum Physics * Global Economics * Quakers * The Arts * Co-creation * Natural Systems Like Rivers, Forests & Child Development * Climate Change * Geology & Plate Tectonics * Right Livelihood * Evolution * Prayer * Personal Spiritual Development * Computers & Internet * Appropriate Technology * Ancient Cultures *

Given your wide range of interests, I’m suggesting two possible paths of exploration.

1) You might Dive into the outline
by perusing my “table of contents,” over on the right ->
It’s a rough outline of my thought.
I suggest you start with an area that interests you to see if I’m saying anything about it yet.
Then maybe sample a couple of other Table of Contents headings.

2) You could follow the Chronology
I started posting to this website in October of 2006, and this software I am using allows you to scroll down immediately below this article to see what I put up last week, and the week before, etc. (It’s a weblog, or “blog.”)
Or you could start at the beginning of the chronology, by clicking here: Invitation, and working forward.
For you visitors who have not heard me say much about Gaia, the Invitation is probably a good place to start.

My Audience
These years, most of my friends are Quakers, and as I have tried to find words to express myself, I have decided to use the language of my faith community. Those of you who don’t have a Quaker background will have to compensate, realizing that you are following a bit of an “insider” conversation. I don’t think that will be much of a problem, and it can’t be helped, as I found it impossible to “say everything to everybody,” at least at this stage in my work.

Keeping In Touch With This Site As It Develops
I encourage you to check back, from time to time. I’ll have summaries posted so you can easily see what’s new. If you think you’d like to keep an eye on what I’m thinking about on a near-monthly basis, I recommend replying to the email I sent you, and I’ll put you on an email list. Around the turn of most months I plan to send a summary of my recent work to folks on that list. If you see something intriguing listed in the summary email, you can click over to the website to see what it is; if not, you can just delete the email.

Or, you can keep track of my efforts with an RSS feed, if you are familiar with that.

Comments and Interaction
All these years of working with my Gaia vision I have been holding inner dialogs with you, my friends. Now that I am getting my words out in public I very much want to have a real conversation, hearing your reactions to my ideas.
I actually started a similar website two years ago. It was hijacked by people using the “comments” feature to promote drugs, sex and gambling. My web-advisor, James, says this current software is generally immune to such spammers, and I do want to open the site to comments in the future. However at this point, it is enough of a challenge for me just to find the right words to say and I don’t want to address that technical issue yet.
Still, I DO want to hear your reactions. If you see me regularly, please talk to me. Or feel free to email me at the address from which I sent you the invitation, or send comments to “richard”, at this domain name.

My Eventual Goal
I do want REAL conversation, face to face. Of course that will be mostly with folks in the Twin Cities.
Eventually I plan to hold a seminar, meeting over several weeks, where people with the time and the interest can gather in the lower level of my Quaker meeting house and exchange enthusiasm and ideas, and perhaps develop a shared project.

About Richard O Fuller

Quaker, living in the Twin Cities, Minnesota.
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