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A Glance Back at My Shamanic Path

I feel it’s all coming together for me, here near the end of my life, although not in a way that I had foreseen.

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Supplementary Handouts to go with the Friends’ Forum Discussion on Dying and Death

April 24 addition It was a wonderful meeting! Perhaps 40 people, in person and by Zoom. It was a wide-ranging conversation, from details of VSED (Voluntary Stopping Eating and Drinking) to caring for the variety of people who are low-functioning … Continue reading

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Let’s have humility in the face of world population

Dear Friends,First a little context. I subscribe to a discussion group hosted by Quaker Earthcare Witness, which I would recommend. To join you would go to this page: you would click on the boldfaced text “ But this list is … Continue reading

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An epidemic of demoralization and a human Earthrise, for the survivors

Friends, I hope this is a turning point for me. In any case it’s two steps in the right direction. 1.This is one of those background things I would really like to talk about but have no particular timeline for … Continue reading

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A Non-theist Tries to Accept Some Christian Gifts

A huge thing has been floating near and nearer to the surface of my awareness. For years I’ve thought the thing I glimpsed was floating up, floating in, to my awareness. One month I’d see a contour here, the next, … Continue reading

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Two Old Heros and a New One

It’s been over a year…since my last post here.I’ve been busy with other things. We are even closer to financial meltdown, but that’s a given; we’ll cope as best we can, when it comes… Thanks to Ilze for pointing … Continue reading

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Mary Coelho, chapters 4 – 7

4 The Present Is the Only Thing That Has No End

Kairos and chronos

The present is the only place we really “are,” and the “truth” of the past fans out from our current point of view. And the possibilities of the future narrow down and “collapse” into the ‘done deal’ of present, which we may re-imagine, moments later. Continue reading

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This Is What God Wants?

This Is What God Wants? .: With an exclamation point, the above title would be unacceptable. Even with a question mark it is on thin ice. .: Or more pointedly, its author is on thin ice: in danger of plunging … Continue reading

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Theism & Non-Theism

I’ve had two strong conversations about theology and its place in our midst in the last two days. We have touched on topics of “Gospel Ministry” and “Gospel Order” but what has been stirred in me are thoughts about naming … Continue reading

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A Leading From Last Sunday's Worship

Whew! This feels like it’s going to be an important part of my year ahead, at least.

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