Summary for May-Mid-June, `07

Ah, how to not lose focus on my core mission when an acquaintance is in trouble and asks me for help?
I don’t have an answer to this question, but part of the answer is “Don’t give up,” and I’m back.

With scant weeks to go before presenting Quaker Community Forest (QCF) at the Friends General Conference 2007 Gathering in Wisconsin, I’m finally working on the QCF website.
I (part of my inner committee) said I was going to do this back on April 7. It has taken me a month to get going. This delay was foreshadowed by the argument that my inner committee was having at the time.
Part of me knows, and part of me is still unwilling to accept, I can’t just *announce* I’m going to do something. Part of what is true (for me) is that a proper motivation has to come out of a deeper place in me than the part of me that “announces” things.

Another tidbit to drop, as I look back over the last month-plus, is that I’ve had a fine experience introducing someone to the I Ching, and I’ve gotten a second request. Maybe it’s time to offer this to a few folks in the context of my Quaker Meeting, in July or August? Any interest?

Here’s a summary of what’s happened on this website since my last summary, on May 5.

I started, May 18, by reporting on my preparation for a presentation to Prospect Hill Friends Meeting, titled  What is Gaia Exactly?
I see clearly now that I said:

Gaia is not a “thing;” I’m calling us to a new culture.
We have to talk about how culture is constructed. We “see” through culture-created glasses. (Feral children missed out on the stage of culture-creation.) Vision is an active and constructive process. I “see” all life on earth as part of a single process. I see a coherence in its development. We are all part of a great coherence which I’m calling Gaia.

Wonderfully, a friend responded, “I wish you made sense to me.” And on May 25 I wrote about how I want exactly this kind of frankness from my friends.

Then, it was off to Quaker Community Forest.
I have a wealth of writing about what we are up to, in the old TreE-Mail newsletters, and I also have lots of pictures taken at QCF events, which I have never shared beyond the immediate participants because I didn’t want to choke up people’s computer modems.
Now I have started combining text & photos together on the website!
I’m doing the easy things first, which means a “memorial service” we conducted for a grove of trees and a series of Teen Retreats we did.
Next, the Student Groves Project. (I hope. Knock on wood. No “announcements” here.)

About Richard O Fuller

Quaker, living in the Twin Cities, Minnesota.
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