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~A New Life-Chapter~

You know how things change… sometimes it’s slow, and then you look around and IT’S DIFFERENT? What I’ve been doing on this website up to this point feels like it’s in the past. Not irrelevant. I wouldn’t think of taking … Continue reading

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Or Terrified Beyond Words? I feel good about what I wrote in the first six posts of this year. And then I stopped. I feel good about that, too. My emotional life, my intellectual understanding, are part of a larger … Continue reading

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The Scream

Paul Gilding breaks our Great Disruption into three stages. The first he names The Scream, partly because of the shrill tone sounded by environmentalists and whole-planet-systems theorists, and partly in honor of Edvard Munch’s portrait,  Der Schrei der Natur (The Scream … Continue reading

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I am preparing to be more active in the outer world, but it will be a matter of following guidance, to see which of the many possibilities draw my efforts. Transition “Transition Town” is what I am calling “a brand,” because … Continue reading

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I’m doing hard work. I want to give myself credit for that. Seeing myself as less than who I believed myself to be. Working not to let the pain get in the way, too much. Working to breathe into my … Continue reading

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My Search, My Quest

We / I are trapped in a profound confusion. Look at us, the industrial world! I cannot be still. I am lost. We have lost our way. At the moment, I must say, I feel quite pathetic. I offer this … Continue reading

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Talking about Christ

It has come to my attention…that I better start to talk more about Christ. Especially an experience I might name “my christ.” .: Christ in YOU?!! You’re no god! You can’t even remember what day of the week it is. … Continue reading

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Summary for May-Mid-June, `07

Ah, how to not lose focus on my core mission when an acquaintance is in trouble and asks me for help? I don’t have an answer to this question, but part of the answer is “Don’t give up,” and I’m … Continue reading

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Summary, April `07

Whew! I am being myself here, on my website, in a way I find very fulfilling. “This is what I need to do!” Now, I have to admit, when I can get any distance on my material at all, when … Continue reading

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Tragedy and Transcendence

James speaks with the voice of a poet, in his April 24 comment, responding to my last week’s post. His closing paragraph: So, how do we find our way, as individuals and as a species, between fully acknowledging the great … Continue reading

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