~A New Life-Chapter~

You know how things change… sometimes it’s slow,
and then you look around and

What I’ve been doing on this website up to this point feels like it’s in the past.

Not irrelevant. I wouldn’t think of taking it down.
But my life has turned a corner. A long slow one, that I only this month look up and notice has happened.

I did notice that big stuff was going on when I decided to no longer carry my Gaia Troubadour cap. It had been in my left front trouser pocket for years, ready to pull out and wear at a moment’s notice. And I’ve had it close, in the bag I always used to carry, for at least 20 years. I kept it close to help me remember my calling. 

Gaia Troubadour Cap
Gaia Troubadour Cap

About three months ago I decided I didn’t need to carry it anymore, that I was living my calling on a daily basis and I no longer needed the reminder, and the prop, for when I was speaking to others.

I knew that decision marked something big, but it was easy and natural. I kept the cap near where I dressed for a couple of months, ready for a change of mind, and then put it back in my bag, which I still carry sometimes. It seemed right to honor it here, as it retires.

And then there’s the website.
It feels like the focus has moved to my Quaker meeting, and to Process Work / WorldWork.
I’ve had them together for over a year on the same page, a page in Google Docs, which I shared with a list of interested friends. The limitations of that format now bother me and I thought, “why not move it here?” The page has always had two parts, a topical, ‘here’s what happening now’ part, and a ‘basic intro’ part.

Here’s the basic intro part.

About Richard O Fuller

Quaker, living in the Twin Cities, Minnesota.
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