Supplementary Handouts to go with the Friends’ Forum Discussion on Dying and Death

April 24 addition
It was a wonderful meeting! Perhaps 40 people, in person and by Zoom. It was a wide-ranging conversation, from details of VSED (Voluntary Stopping Eating and Drinking) to caring for the variety of people who are low-functioning to after-death and before-birth.
I promised to provide a link to a channel featuring NDE (Near-Death Experiences.)
!! In order to re-find the link above, I searched YouTube for “nde experience documentary”. I was astonished by the number of hits that came up.

on April 23, 2023, at the Meetinghouse and online.

The Twin Cities Friends Meeting is a well established community, with strong habits of how we talk to each other. Of course, dying and death are discussed among Friends who have long-standing relationships with each other, as occasions arise in their lives. However, in my experience, people are reluctant to approach these topics in informal groups where at least one person is known, but not well known, to the others. In my introductory article to this session, in the TCFM newsletter, I start with an episode in this community where we were surprised to discover differences among us which were disturbing to some of us.
I am 79. My plans for my own good dying are likely to become reality in the next several years. I wish to alert my beloved community to my own choices, and to encourage us to find ways to talk about dying more easily.

I have several handouts I will offer to people who attend in person. They will receive them as they come into the room and settle into seats. Of course, those attending via Zoom will not have access to them, so I have put links to them on my website.

Here are my instructions to those who attend the discussion in person and to you visitors here:

  • The seven handouts display a large variety of points of view on the topics of dying and death.
  • There is no need to read any of these carefully, unless you are drawn to them.
  • In some cases I have highlighted words that capture the main point, or point of view. There is no need to read more; you have encountered the variety I wish to display.
  • If you would like a copy, feel free to take/make one.

Unhappy Endings, all eight pages (Pacemaker keeps Dad Alive!)

Each of the 6 items below is one page long.

2 Poems: Death is Nothing At All &
                Shifting the Sun

Image: The Kiss of Death (Thank you!)     &
Essay: The Choice of Life
   –Rhoda Gilman in Friends Journal

2 brief Interviews: Tips from Dead, to viewers on TikTok  (Humor)    &
                               How to Die (Inspiration?)



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