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Sitting in the Fire, Part 1

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I’m doing hard work. I want to give myself credit for that. Seeing myself as less than who I believed myself to be. Working not to let the pain get in the way, too much. Working to breathe into my … Continue reading

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An Awakening Calm

Calm has entered my life. Not that my life is completely calm but, sometime in the last few days, a tightly-stretched band of anxiety let go. Thinking of it as I write this, I breathe a sigh of relief. While … Continue reading

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Theism & Non-Theism

I’ve had two strong conversations about theology and its place in our midst in the last two days. We have touched on topics of “Gospel Ministry” and “Gospel Order” but what has been stirred in me are thoughts about naming … Continue reading

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About Christ, Part 2

I offer my inner journey as a gift to my community. Like the gift of a child, it doesn’t have to amount to much, by worldly standards, to be sincere and to be a treasure, to those with eyes to … Continue reading

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My Faith

A question that comes to me is, what kind of faith is it that you have, or hope to have, in this work or elsewhere? Is it a confidence in some positive outcome, eventually? Is it “faithfulness”, or a willingness … Continue reading

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Broken, risking, for my Lady Gaia

I have prayed about doing this I Ching so publically. I am taking these risks for my Lady Gaia. You may say my Lady is not the most beautiful or the most powerful Lady, Or some other invidious comparison to … Continue reading

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Finding New Words for "God-Talk"

We were talking last night about the power of sustained prayer and Friend Ralph H. told us that as a farm boy around 60 years ago he discovered the power of a strong and sustained link to God. He said … Continue reading

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