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The general process of moving away from a materialist, petroleum-fueled society.

My Playground, March 2012

Like many children, I was a connoisseur of playgrounds. In my day, they were mainly in school yards. Monkey bars, slides, teeter-totters…some things you could count on in a new playground. Sometimes there were surprises. Welcome to my new playground. I slapped … Continue reading

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I am preparing to be more active in the outer world, but it will be a matter of following guidance, to see which of the many possibilities draw my efforts. Transition “Transition Town” is what I am calling “a brand,” because … Continue reading

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Mary Coelho & Transition Town: Prep for 7/11/2010 at TCFM

(I am fleshing out the first part of the outline you can find in my previous post.) This is the ground I currently imagine I will cover. What actually happens…we’ll see. My outline We are at a pivot point. The … Continue reading

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Are We –Is Industrial Civilization– Lost, Heading Into a Wasteland?

What is Gaia doing? As we look to the unfolding of the tremendous transitions our world is entering into, I offer hope. All along, with Gaia, something has been going on. Many things have been going on; surely you have … Continue reading

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Gaia, Great Mother, has many hidden treasures

Gaia, Great Mother, has many hidden treasures To delight us, and nourish us, her human children. Metals, hidden in the ground. So far we have found Copper, Gold Tin ____. We have found coal! Oil! Of course, it’s not a … Continue reading

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