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The general process of moving away from a materialist, petroleum-fueled society.

The Scream

Paul Gilding breaks our Great Disruption into three stages. The first he names The Scream, partly because of the shrill tone sounded by environmentalists and whole-planet-systems theorists, and partly in honor of Edvard Munch’s portrait,  Der Schrei der Natur (The Scream … Continue reading

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Going into my fear

Sixteen of us met with Betsy and her co-trainer, Mysnikol, for a six-week class: Faith and Hope In a Time of Uncertainty. We spent much of our time in pairs and small groups, addressing questions about what we feared and where we … Continue reading

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As I opened the floodgates at 4:30AM and let the fear flow in, a lot of things about my life make more sense. Like what I’m doing with this website, for instance. In later posts I’m going to be sharing … Continue reading

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My Playground, March 2012

Like many children, I was a connoisseur of playgrounds. In my day, they were mainly in school yards. Monkey bars, slides, teeter-totters…some things you could count on in a new playground. Sometimes there were surprises. Welcome to my new playground. I slapped … Continue reading

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I am preparing to be more active in the outer world, but it will be a matter of following guidance, to see which of the many possibilities draw my efforts. Transition “Transition Town” is what I am calling “a brand,” because … Continue reading

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Mary Coelho & Transition Town: Prep for 7/11/2010 at TCFM

(I am fleshing out the first part of the outline you can find in my previous post.) This is the ground I currently imagine I will cover. What actually happens…we’ll see. My outline We are at a pivot point. The … Continue reading

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Are We –Is Industrial Civilization– Lost, Heading Into a Wasteland?

What is Gaia doing? As we look to the unfolding of the tremendous transitions our world is entering into, I offer hope. All along, with Gaia, something has been going on. Many things have been going on; surely you have … Continue reading

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