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Early Enthusiastic Acceptance

Wow! How gratifying your responses to my Grand Opening have been, already in the first days! I have not yet had a chance to respond properly to some of you. I already have 25 people signed up to receive summary … Continue reading

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Website’s Grand Opening! ! !

I am just now sending invitations to view this website to over 400 of my closest friends. I write this in anticipation that, even now, some of you are showing up. Welcome, Welcome, Welcome, Thank you for visiting! You are … Continue reading

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Magic & Prayer

How do we think about “spooky action at a distance” besides calling it “God’s will” or “The devil at work”? Our culture has a long tradition of talking about “the power of prayer” and “magic.” Here’s some of my thinking … Continue reading

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My Experience of "Guidance"

In last week’s post I retold Ralph’s story of hooking into divine guidance and support. How do I describe such guidance in my life? I have had many times when I have felt urged or nudged to make a choice. … Continue reading

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Winter Harvest in a Quaker Community Forest

Tomorrow is Early Winter Harvest at Sandhill. Six to a dozen of us will spend a sweet day on the land. Here’s what’s promised: – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – … Continue reading

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PROCESS I set myself the goal of putting up something new at least once a week. In the last week of the month I aim to create an End of Month Summary with links to the significant updates. I’m hoping … Continue reading

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A Lurching Launch of My Voice

To my dear Quaker Meeting, I’m afraid finding my voice as a Gaia Troubadour is going to be more personal than I originally imagined. .: Richard, you need to speak. You cannot stay silent. The “.:” at the beginning of … Continue reading

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To People Who Might Be Interested In Joining Me To Talk About Gaia Ever since I “came out” as a Gaia Troubadour at the celebration of my 50th birthday, I have been looking for people with whom I could talk … Continue reading

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First post

Hello there, October 2, 2006. This replaces a site started in February, 2005. Maybe now I’m ready to express the Gaia Troubadour I carry within me. James Riemermann has been very supportive, then and now. Thank you James.

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