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About Christ, Part 2

I offer my inner journey as a gift to my community. Like the gift of a child, it doesn’t have to amount to much, by worldly standards, to be sincere and to be a treasure, to those with eyes to … Continue reading

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My Faith

A question that comes to me is, what kind of faith is it that you have, or hope to have, in this work or elsewhere? Is it a confidence in some positive outcome, eventually? Is it “faithfulness”, or a willingness … Continue reading

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An Open Moment, a Divided Self

Dear friends, This is an open moment for me, with this website successfully announced and underway. I dedicate myself to harmonic resonance with Gaia. (But, of course, it’s never simple. [And what follows may not be easy reading.]) I think … Continue reading

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End of March ’07 Summary

Well! A lot has happened, including things not happening, and I am feeling satisfied. The things that have not happened are that I posted no summary at the end of February, and last Friday I posted nothing at all, despite … Continue reading

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My Broken Self, My Impassioned Plea

I want to start by saying two wrong things. I am weak, broken, and not to be relied on. I carry a message from God. With this paradox, I offer myself as an example of being human. If I want … Continue reading

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Intro to My Old Gaia Voices Newsletters

I’m all a-flutter in preparation for the Grand Opening of this website. I’ll be getting in touch with people who have been following my efforts for years, and this puts me in mind of the way I used to stay … Continue reading

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To People Who Might Be Interested In Joining Me To Talk About Gaia Ever since I “came out” as a Gaia Troubadour at the celebration of my 50th birthday, I have been looking for people with whom I could talk … Continue reading

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