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Quaker, living in the Twin Cities, Minnesota.


I’m doing hard work. I want to give myself credit for that. Seeing myself as less than who I believed myself to be. Working not to let the pain get in the way, too much. Working to breathe into my … Continue reading

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Eye, I, Aye

Eye I Aye aye, My Christ It hasn’t been easy. I’ve made mistakes, sinned. This is too volatile to be shared much here Or any where. But this much I can say, at this point. Eye I Aye, aye, mychrist

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Another Loop in the Spiral

Setting out again, on a new level. I have agreed to be Clerk of the Twin Cities Friends Meeting (TCFM) for the next year and a half, supported by Anne Supplee as Assistant Clerk. I agreed to do this as … Continue reading

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This Is What God Wants?

This Is What God Wants? .: With an exclamation point, the above title would be unacceptable. Even with a question mark it is on thin ice. .: Or more pointedly, its author is on thin ice: in danger of plunging … Continue reading

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A Word-wright, in Search of the Right

Looking back, I would say I have not written here in over a month because I was spent. I use “spent” because “exhausted” has some negative connotations that are not right. I could have said “happily exhausted,” but “spent” also … Continue reading

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An Awakening Calm

Calm has entered my life. Not that my life is completely calm but, sometime in the last few days, a tightly-stretched band of anxiety let go. Thinking of it as I write this, I breathe a sigh of relief. While … Continue reading

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Summary, Mid July through September, `07

Well! I DO know how to keep my life interesting! (.: Do you really think it is “I” that is doing this?!) I would say the history I am about to review was triggered in part by my experience of … Continue reading

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Theism & Non-Theism

I’ve had two strong conversations about theology and its place in our midst in the last two days. We have touched on topics of “Gospel Ministry” and “Gospel Order” but what has been stirred in me are thoughts about naming … Continue reading

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Gaia, Great Mother, has many hidden treasures

Gaia, Great Mother, has many hidden treasures To delight us, and nourish us, her human children. Metals, hidden in the ground. So far we have found Copper, Gold Tin ____. We have found coal! Oil! Of course, it’s not a … Continue reading

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Drawing the Curtain

I think it’s time to draw the bedside curtain around the drama of my suffering. “Life is suffering,” and like the drama of a child trapped in a well, it can be mesmerizing, but beyond a certain small circle of … Continue reading

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