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Quaker, living in the Twin Cities, Minnesota.

Going into my fear

Sixteen of us met with Betsy and her co-trainer, Mysnikol, for a six-week class: Faith and Hope In a Time of Uncertainty. We spent much of our time in pairs and small groups, addressing questions about what we feared and where we … Continue reading

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As I opened the floodgates at 4:30AM and let the fear flow in, a lot of things about my life make more sense. Like what I’m doing with this website, for instance. In later posts I’m going to be sharing … Continue reading

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My Playground, March 2012

Like many children, I was a connoisseur of playgrounds. In my day, they were mainly in school yards. Monkey bars, slides, teeter-totters…some things you could count on in a new playground. Sometimes there were surprises. Welcome to my new playground. I slapped … Continue reading

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End of 2011 Summary

I said in my first post on this website I have learned over the last year that developing and maintaining a website is a bit like getting a pet, it’s an ongoing effort which requires regular attention. I have been … Continue reading

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I am preparing to be more active in the outer world, but it will be a matter of following guidance, to see which of the many possibilities draw my efforts. Transition “Transition Town” is what I am calling “a brand,” because … Continue reading

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For my Aug 8, 2010, presentation on Awakening Universe Emerging Personhood

Most of all, I want to share Mary Conrow Coelho’s gestalt, her over-all sense of how things are developing. That rises out of the details, of course, but I don’t want to get captured by a focus on any one … Continue reading

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Mary Coelho, chapters 4 – 7

4 The Present Is the Only Thing That Has No End

Kairos and chronos

The present is the only place we really “are,” and the “truth” of the past fans out from our current point of view. And the possibilities of the future narrow down and “collapse” into the ‘done deal’ of present, which we may re-imagine, moments later. Continue reading

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